This website page is "under construction".  It will soon be up and running and be informative about the latest developments for Andrea Braun, DDS Family Dental, Inc.  Thank you for your patience.  Please see the letter below.  You can contact Dr. Braun directly  at andrea@andreabraundds.com. Or call the office at 650-325-1555 through 3/17/2017.  Thank you.

Andrea S. Braun, DDS

Excellence in  Dentistry

My Dear Friends, 

It has been my great privilege to practice dentistry in this community for the past twenty years and I’ve  been honored by the trust you have placed in my hands.  Being a dentist has been my life’s work as I’ve aspired to create a practice that cared for your dental needs and treated you with the personal attention and professional excellence you deserve.  I pray that I have fulfilled that goal and truly appreciate the loyalty and support  you have shown me over the years.  Now, the time has come for me to transition from private practice into my next adventure in life and work, and so it is with great excitement that I announce my new role as a professional Dentist Coach with Fortune Management.  

I will be relocating to Oahu, Hawaii as of March 21, 2017 to coach full-time, with the intention of empowering Dentist’s to achieve and deliver their best in patient care and practice management.  My career transformation in no way diminishes my commitment to overseeing a smooth transition for my wonderful patients.  Over the next nine months, I will be working closely with Dr. Scott Nabeta, Dr. Myrabelle Salcedo and Dr. Kim Morita, here at Peninsula Smiles.  Dr.’s Nabeta, Salcedo and Morita share my philosophy of patient care and their values and principals run true to mine in continuing to provide you with the discerning personal attention and clinical excellence in dentistry you have come to expect at Peninsula Smiles.  

Life’s highways are truly amazing and interconnected.  As the daughter of a Dental Officer who spent 30 years in the Navy, my family and I lived in many places.  My favorite by far was Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where my father commanded the dental clinic.   My own career started as a dental assistant in 1972 helping a dentist in New Jersey on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings; I was 16 years old.  I followed my father’s footsteps into dentistry and the Navy and now 34 years later, I still find myself in love with this profession, with an opportunity to consult and coach new dentists, in a place I have always felt called back to.  My hope is to give back to the dental community by sharing my passion for the unique role we have as healers, as clinicians and above all as champions for our patients.  This was my father’s gift to me and I want to pass it on.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the days, weeks and months to come. We welcome your feedback, concerns and questions.  We are here to serve you, just let us know how.


Andrea S Braun, DDS