Andrea S. Braun, DDS consulting

delivering practice balance with a personal touch

"I have worked with Dr. Braun for over 25 years, and have thoroughly enjoyed our professional relationship. Dr. Braun is caring and extremely conscientious when it comes to her patients oral health and general well being. Her standard of excellence represents what all dental professionals should strive to achieve”.  Scott C. Baird D.M.D. Oral Surgeon, Peninsula Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies

​I have worked with Dr. Andrea Braun for the last 17 years.  As a periodontist I work with many dentists, both generalists and specialists.  Andrea is among the most outstanding dentists I work with.  Her dentistry is excellent. Her treatment planning, record keeping, communication, and delivery are all top notch. She always goes over and above to communicate to the specialists she works with so that everyone is on the same page and the patient receives the best of care.  She values her patients and spends time explaining their diagnosis and treatment options in detail.   Her patients also respect and love her for the care she provides.  Not only is the work excellent, she is kind, caring and compassionate.  She maintained the same loyal staff  in her practice for decades which is something that speaks for itself.  Her management style is compassionate and communicative and her vision is one that focuses on empowering her team  and expecting and rewarding constant improvement team’s skills.  She seeks to elevate our profession and is well respected in our dental community. 
On a personal level she is a loyal friend who values family and gives back to her community.   This is the kind of person she is; someone who gives selflessly.  
I give Dr. Braun the highest recommendation. Whether a dentist or a dental consultant, you will be in the best of hands. 

Dr. Casey Herrera, Periodontist, Atherton CA 

 I first started working with Dr. Andrea Braun in 2002 when I was an associate in an Endodontic Group practice in Palo Alto.  We soon realized that our practice philosophies were similar in that the patient chief complaint is something that you listen to carefully and honor them by believing in what they tell you.  Dr. Braun and I worked with many patients that had a combination of Endodontic needs, sometimes a history of trauma or abuse and medical difficulties like fibromyalgia.  We had our hands full with managing these cases but our patience stayed strong since this is an attribute that is a key to being able to help these patients.  
     Dr. Braun has excellent clinical skills that she has been able to hone in the US Navy but mostly as an Associate and then as a Practice Owner.  She also excels with understanding her patients needs then connecting with them so they know they can count on her to be committed to helping them get better.   We worked together on complex interdisciplinary case wi
th Periodontists, Oral Surgeons, Oral Facial Pain Specialists and Ortho/Pedo too.  More recently we have helped some Dental Phobic patients that were terrified just getting radiographs or a cleaning and they could not be managed unless they were IV sedated.   These cases when completed allowed a transformation of the patients personality and confidence.  It is amazing and rewarding to help patients in this way.

     Dr. Braun made a huge impact in the communities she practiced in and she has been sorely missed.  The respect and empathy she gives to patients shows how much she cares about them as individuals, they know it and love her for it.  The results she gets from her comprehensive treatment plans is evident by the improved level of her patients oral health. 
   Andrea Braun is one of my most favorite general practitioners to partner with in helping patients with their oral needs.  Definitely one of the great dentists that have excellent clinical, behavioral, and practice management skills.  

Lynne A. Baldassari-Cruz, DDS Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics San Carlos Endodontics, 1028 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA 94070, O: 65059503722, C: 650 380-1337